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One of the most important things when it comes to vehicle ownership, regular maintenance can sometimes be tough to keep up with. Here at Expert Auto and Tire, we suggest having routine maintenance performed at certain mile markers, namely the 30, 60, and 90,000 mile markers. We also recommend regular maintenance past these mile markers, so that cars can extend their longevity.

Whether it is required by the state or not, regular emissions testing and maintenance should be performed on a regular basis, not just to ensure that the car is running properly, but also because of emissions and fumes dispelled into the air. Here at Expert Auto and Tire, we offer the best emissions service and repair in Temple Hills.

An important key to checking the emissions is to run a full battery of diagnostic tests. Quite often, a check engine light on the dashboard or another dashboard light can be indicative of a problem with the emissions or exhaust system. After running diagnostic tests, we can pinpoint the problem, then fix it, so that any vehicle can easily pass its next emissions exam.

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Great service!
I service my car here because of their experience, professional service and very fair pricing.

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One of the most important things car drivers should take heed to is having regular maintenance performed on their vehicles. Here at Expert Auto and Tire, we recommend having a complete maintenance checkup done at the 30, 60, and 90,000 mile markers, and beyond those mile markers, to ensure that a vehicle is running properly and is safe to be on the road. Most states including Maryland require regular inspections on vehicles, and for this reason Expert Auto and Tire provides free state car inspections in Temple Hills during one of our routine maintenance exams.

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During a maintenance exam, we will also check things required for a state inspection that other service stations will usually charge you for. This includes checking the seat belts, windshield and windows, turn signals and headlights, brake lights and brake system, horn, steering mechanism, rear view mirrors, exhaust and emissions, bumpers, and airbags.

Natricia Wilson

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Natricia Wilson

Sam Thompson

We service our families cars with you guys and you team has always taken great care of us. You have very good prices and have been very reliable and trustworthy, we appreciate all of your help!

Sam Thompson
Temple Hills, MD

Andy Mason

I recently moved to the area and have gotten two oil changes and a tuneup with you guys. I’m very impressed with your team, thanks for taking such great care of my truck!

Alexandria, VA

Lacey Bolden

After my car broke down on the freeway, it was one of the most stressful situations I’ve been in. You guys helped out so much, coordinating my car pickup and getting my off the road so quickly. Thanks again for all the help, I will definitely be coming back for all of my car services for now on!

Washington DC

Mandy Wang

Great service! I service my car here because of their experience, professional service and very fair pricing.

Camp Springs, MD