small3During a car’s lifetime, there may be many repairs and maintenance visits along the way, depending on the car. Even the best car requires regular maintenance, and most will require a major repair or two, in addition to minor repairs. Common problems as a vehicle gets older include issues with the brakes, electrical system problems, and heating and air conditioning problems. For some, transmissions may be an issue, especially in cars with an automatic transmission. The one major repair every car owner dreads, however, is an engine repair. When it comes to a complete engine overhaul or any type of engine repair, you want to make sure that you have a mechanic you can trust. Because of the complexity involved, engine repair can also be quite costly. Here at Expert Auto & Tire, we are committed to being the best at engine service & repair in Temple Hills, while still providing a reasonable rate to our customers. Customer service and satisfaction is our first priority.

When you bring your car in for routine maintenance, we will always check the engine to ensure that everything is running properly. This includes running a complete diagnostic test on the vehicle, which can be very helpful, especially if there are check engine lights appearing on the dashboard. Some engines do not require a complete overhaul, and some cars may simply need a tune-up. Trust in our certified and experienced mechanics to tell you exactly what your automobile needs. We also provide convenient Saturday hours so that our clients can come in at a time that best suits their schedule.

To learn more about the best engine service & repair in Temple Hills, call Expert Auto & Tire today at (800)292-8754 to schedule an appointment for maintenance or service.

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