One of the most important things car drivers should take heed to is having regular maintenance performed on their vehicles. Here at Expert Auto, we recommend having a complete maintenance checkup done at the 30, 60, and 90,000 mile markers, and beyond those mile markers, to ensure that a vehicle is running properly and is safe to be on the road. Most states including Maryland require regular inspections on vehicles, and for this reason Expert Auto provides state car inspections in Temple Hills during one of our routine maintenance exams.

car-inspections-temple-hillsWe know exactly what is required of every vehicle in order to pass a state inspection. During a regular maintenance checkup in preparation for an inspection, we will check the tire pressure and the state of the windshield wipers, and will also check the oil and replace the oil filter. We will also check all fluids in the car, including the transmission fluids and brake fluids, and flush and replace where necessary. We will also perform a complete diagnostic check on the car. This is imperative to check for emissions problems, and can also be very helpful if there are check engine or other dashboard lights appearing as you drive.

During a maintenance exam, we will also check things required for a state inspection that other service stations will usually charge you for. This includes checking the seat belts, windshield and windows, turn signals and headlights, brake lights and brake system, horn, steering mechanism, rear view mirrors, exhaust and emissions, bumpers, and airbags.

To learn how you can receive state car inspections in Temple Hills, call Expert Auto today at (866)429-0970 to make an appointment.

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