No matter the make, no matter the model, no matter the year, no car escapes the dreaded state inspection. If you are in the market for selling or transferring your vehicle’s title, then that means you are going to need a Maryland State Inspection. There is no better place to go for that state inspection in Temple Hills, MD than Expert Auto and Tire. It may seem like a pain, but our team of expert technicians will make the process as simple and seamless as any other minor service or inspection you’ve received in the past. At Expert Auto and Tire, our passion is keeping your vehicle running safely and providing every customer with high quality auto and customer service.

Your needs when it comes to state inspection in Temple Hills, MD should be brought to our team. Our team does not only consist of five ASE and UTI certified technicians and a master tech, but a Maryland State Inspector. We want to make sure you have only the best of the best servicing your auto needs, thus we employ a state inspector to make the process that much easier for you, our customer.

The state inspection can seem tedious, but the immense checklist of systems being inspected is to ensure the quality and safety of the performance of your vehicle. State inspection in Temple Hills, MD includes, but are not limited to checking:

  • Steering, braking, fuel, exhaust systems
  • Wheel alignment, suspension, wheels/tires
  • Bumpers, fenders, lights, mirrors, windows, wipers
  • All electrical systems
  • Hood, floors, trunk, doors, safety belts
  • Speedometer, odometer

It does not matter the make, model, or year of your vehicle, our team has seen it all. We are well equipped and prepared to ensure every check point of your state inspection in Temple Hills, MD is inspected to ensure your vehicle passes. You do not want to create an even bigger hassle down the road when transferring your vehicle’s title. Put your vehicle in the right hands when it comes to the stringent Maryland State inspection and bring it down to us at Expert Auto and Tire. We truly care about our customers. When it comes to a state inspection in Temple Hills, MD make the right choice.

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