Transmission-1200x757A transmission problem is not often something that a mechanic can catch during a routine checkup. Provided the service station is doing their job, transmission fluids should be flushed when needed and checked at every maintenance appointment, which should occur at intervals of 30, 60, and 90,000 miles and beyond. However, this routine checkup won’t always indicate a problem when there is one, and the unfortunate nature of transmission problems is that they can come on suddenly. Here at Expert Auto & Tire, we want to provide the best transmission service & repair in Temple Hills, so that even when a minor or major repair is a shock, we can fix your transmission problem quickly, easily, and most of all, reasonably.


We can handle both types of transmission repair – including both manual and automatic transmissions. Our -expert and certified mechanics are top notch when it comes to automatic transmission repair, manual clutch repair, electrical and non-electrical diagnoses, diagnostic inspections, band adjustments, and fluid changes.

Also, during a routine checkup, we will take a look at the transmission to ensure that it is running properly, and we will also perform a full battery of diagnostic tests to ensure that there are no issues. We are familiar with all makes and models of cars, including both American, European, and other imports. We provide convenient Saturday hours so that if you need help in a hurry, we are here.

To learn more about the best transmission & repair service in Temple Hills, call Expert Auto & Tire today at (800)292-8754 to make an appointment for maintenance or repair by speaking with a member of our professional staff.

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