One of the staples of American car manufacturing, Dodge has been long since viewed as one of the top American cars. As of 2015, many of the Dodge models focus on trucks, but there are still automobile models made, such as the Challenger. Dodge car drivers have a tendency to stick to their brand year after year – and with good reason. Dodge cars and trucks are known as being reliable, durable, and fun to drive. However, even the best of the best needs an occasional repair, and every vehicle requires maintenance to promote its longevity. Here at Expert Auto & Tire, we provide the best Dodge auto service in Temple Hills, at prices that our clients can afford.

Every car or truck should be serviced, beginning at 30,000 miles, then continuing with the 60 and 90,000 mile mark. Here at Expert Auto & Tire, we will check everything on your Dodge to ensure that it is in top running order. We will ensure that your Dodge car or truck will pass emissions, in addition to any other inspection. We will also check the oil, oil filter, all of the fluids, brakes, engine, and wipers and tires.

Much more than maintenance, Expert Auto & Tire can also handle any type of repair job that your Dodge may need. We specialize in brakes, ranging from cylinder and pad repair to rotors, calipers, and hoses. We are also top-notch when it comes to engine, transmission, and fuel line work.

To receive the best Dodge auto service in Temple Hills, call Expert Auto & Tire today at (888)292-8784 to make an appointment for repair, or regular service. We want to ensure that your Dodge is healthy and on the road for years to come.

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