Ever since the early days of the Volkswagen Beetle, VW  cars have long been associated with fun, but also reliability and durability. From the Cabriolet to the GTI, there is a VW to suit every driver’s need, from a race car, to a commuter car, to family vehicles. Volkswagen cars are also well-known for their ability to withstand high mileage while still being excellent vehicles, but even the best autos need regular maintenance. Here at Expert Auto & Tire, we recommend service at the 30, 60, and 90,000 mile markers, and beyond. When it comes to Volkswagen service in Temple Hills, we are the best and most reasonable in the area.

We are thorough when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. We will run a full battery of diagnostic tests to ensure that the vehicle is in top shape, and will also ensure that your VW will pass any emissions, inspection test, or other safety test. We will also check tire pressure and windshield wipers, in addition to changing the oil and checking the alignment. We will check all fluids, replace, and flush where needed.

When it comes to Volkswagen repair, our certified and professional mechanics have you covered. We can handle any problem from brake repair to suspension issues, and can easily repair transmission problems, engine problems, and even heat and air conditioning problems. With our convenient Saturday hours, our clients can easily find the time to have their vehicles serviced.

To schedule an appointment for the best Volkswagen service in Temple Hills, call Expert Auto & Tire today at (888)292-8784 to speak with a member of our professional staff. We want your VW to stay on the road for years to come.

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